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Jakub Cígl

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Manager, Thinker, Doer
Jakub Cígl

If you want to fly with the eagles, don't swim with the ducks!

This motto is 100% related to my work life. I’m a fan of networking - I like the way how to easily get the info from more experienced people. My goal is to use the newly gained knowledge to manage people.

I am the one who knocks

If you are a fan of the series Breaking Bad, you’re definitely familiar with the title. And yes, I like to watch serials and movies. It’s the way to relaxing my mind. Besides that, I love almost any kind of sport. It’s like a drug to play tennis, squash or floorball. Moreover, I am doing a work-out sometimes.

  • ResidenceČeské Budějovice, Czech Republic
  • E-mailjakub.cigl@gmail.com
  • Phone+420 732 135 42(zero)
  • Price
  • I work, you watch 700 Kč/h
    I work, you advice 1000 Kč/h
    I work, you help 1500 Kč/h
    You work, I help 2000 Kč/h
    You work, I advice 2500 Kč/h
    You work, I watch 3000 Kč/h

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Startup Development

I love to start something new. I can help you. I have a lot of experience with my projects. Don't repeat the mistakes I made on my projects.

Project & Product Management

I’ve been organizing everything since I was wearing diapers. I do it until now. Do you need to manage an entire project, help at the beginning or in a crisis? Get in touch.


Don’t you know what to do with a new idea or a hard decision? Maybe I can help you. A consultation is usually a short-term contract to resolve a specific situation. Setting up new processes, performing an analysis, etc.


As a graduate of the half-year course for coaches, I would like to offer you my services. Don't worry, as a coach you have to constantly educate yourself and shadow other coaches, so the course is not the end of my experience.

My Projects

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My experiences briefly



Economic Informatics (Ing.)

Faculty of Economics | University of South Bohemia

I’ve been interested in business for a long time so studying at the Faculty of Economics was the right choice for me. Not only I’ve extended my economic knowledge but I still keep up with IT.


Applied Informatics (Bc.)

Faculty of Science | University of South Bohemia

Logical choice after middle school. I still loved computers.


Electronic Computer Systems

The Secondary Vocational School of Blatná

I just wanted to be close to my mom and to be able to work with computers.


Jul 2022 - Present

IT Consultant


I help companies in areas such as Agile & Waterfall Methodologies, Product & Project Management, Business Analysis, Process Improvement, etc.

Apr 2021 - Jun 2022

Technology project/program manager

Ernst & Young

Building a better working world.

Jul 2017 - Mar 2021

Project Manager

ARGO22 s.r.o.

ARGO22 delivers gorgeous and easy-to-use apps.

Mar 2017 - Jan 2021

Project Manager

Galli Company s.r.o.

Gallico develops Apps and Big Data solutions.

Aug 2014 - May 2017

E-shop Manager

Tisknisi s.r.o.

E-shop focused on printing services and accessories.

Born - Current

Startup developer


Since I was born I love to invent new things and try to bring them to life. More about my projects is on About me page.


SAFe 5 Scrum Master

Work Skills

Agile & Scrum

Project & Product Management



Business Development



Sport Skills






Virtual Assistant for rent

Try to safe time and money with your personal assistant


To be as effective as it’s possible, I’ve decided to hire an assistant and charge her to handle that sort of tasks which slow me down. She works for me only a few hours per month, and she still has available capacity for other clients. Therefore, I would like to offer you her services via my website. Below you find examples of services. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Price list

Služby Cena
Virtuální asistent pro podnikatele a firmy
- administrativa, plánování schůzek, komunikace s klienty, ...

300 Kč/hodina
- zpracování daňového přiznání

300-600 Kč/úkol
- vyřízení zadaného požadavku na úřadě

200-350 Kč/úkol
- vyhledání a rešerše dovatelů
- zajištění dodavatele

400 Kč/úkol
350 Kč/úkol
Event management
- vyhledání a rešerše lokalit
- rezervace lokality
- zajištění cateringu
- zajištění výzdoby
- zajištění programu

300 Kč/úkol
250 Kč/úkol
300 Kč/úkol
500 Kč/úkol
- vyhledání a rešerše prostor
- zajištění prostor
- příprava workshopu (zajištění materiálů, ...)
- facilitace workshopu
- moderace workshopu

300 Kč/úkol
450 Kč/úkol
800 Kč/WS
1000 Kč/WS
- formátování dokumentů
- grafické práce
- tvorba webových stránek

500 Kč/hodina
600 Kč/hodina
cena domluvou
- překlad CZ/EN

350 Kč/hodina
- vyhledání a rezervace letenek
- vyhledání a rezervace hotelu
- rezervace automobilu
- cestovatelský plán
- tipy na restaurace
- tipy na výlety

200 Kč/úkol
200 Kč/úkol
150 Kč/úkol
350 Kč/úkol
150 Kč/úkol
250 Kč/úkol
Lístky a vstupenky
- vyhledání akcí a vstupenek
- monitoring vstupenek
- nákup vstupenek
- vyzvednutí a doručení vstupenek

100 Kč/úkol
150 Kč/úkol
150 Kč/úkol
Kurzy a lekce
- vyhledání a rešerše kurzu/lekce

300 Kč/úkol
- rezervace restaurace, baru, kavárny
- tipy na restaurace, bary, kavárny
- vyhledání soukromého kuchaře, baristy

100 Kč/úkol
150 Kč/úkol
- tipy na dárky
- koupě, vyzvednutí a doručení dárku

250 Kč/úkol
300 Kč/úkol
- vyhledání místa pro obřad a svatební hostinu, rešerše
- vrezervace svatebního místa pro obřad a svatební hostinu
- zajištění oddávajícího
- komunikace s dodavateli, vyřízení reklamací
- koordinace svatby (zajištění výzdoby, cateringu, programu)

350 Kč/úkol
200 Kč/úkol
250 Kč/hodina
250 Kč/hodina
Zdraví a krása
- vyhledání a rešerše lékařů
- rezervace pacienta u lékaře
- salóny a procedury - tipy, rešerše, rezervace

200 Kč/úkol
200 Kč/úkol
Pomoc v domácnosti
- zajištění opravářských a technických prací
- zajištění úklidové firmy

200 Kč/úkol
200 Kč/úkol
- zajištění hlídání
- vyhledání a rešerše školek a škol
- vyhledání a rešerše zájmových kroužků, registrace

200 Kč/úkol
300 Kč/úkol
300 Kč/úkol
Domácí zvířata
- zajištění hlídání

200 Kč/úkol

* zdarma při využití dalších služeb

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Get in Touch

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České Budějovice, Czech Republic
+420 732 135 42(zero)
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